Speed & Accuracy

Speed & Accuracy

The team that leads TMG cSearch has over 9 decades of combined experience in talent acquisition. Our speed, accuracy, and the depth of our relationships drive our firm’s three decades of success. Our approach is unique and guided by a deep understanding of the intricacies of the industries we serve – life sciences, medical device and medical technology. Our intention is to make a difference in the world and to work with companies that strive to do the same.

cSearch team

Giovanni Lauricella

Giovanni leads TMG’s international efforts at the executive level. “Gio” spends a majority of his time in the middle of the international markets working with venture firms and executives bringing on the leadership of the emerging tech companies.

Joe Mullings

Joe founded TMG in 1992. The focus of the firm from day one was medical device and life sciences. His approach to talent acquisition has been transformational to the market. Joe’s understanding of the technology, market dynamics and experience building dozens of emerging technology companies alongside venture capital partners has positioned TMG as the dominant player in the space.

Holly Scott

Holly is a Partner at The Mullings Group. Her relationships in the medical device industry at the executive level are a result of building dozens of successful startup companies over the past three decades.

Dave Renker

Dave has over three decades of talent acquisition experience in both search and as a C-Suite executive with corporations like United States Surgical, Covidien, Olympus and Stryker. Having been on both sides of the process Dave provides our clients an invaluable perspective and unique insights on hiring.

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